More Happiness, Less Stress!
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More Happiness, less Stress. Sounds good? The questions is: How?

Modern day life and Businesscan be tough. We are faced with a faster pace, more demands and more challenges than ever before. The last decade has been critical for many organizations. We are talking about increasing productivity, performance, engagement, but often we do not have the right tools or mindset to fulfil all these demands.

The most common questions I have explored over the years have been: 
What reduces or increases performances? How can we be at our best? What is it that motivates us to engage? What makes us feel happy and helps us being successful? 
The traditional response has been to start dealing with increased demands by putting in more hours. But you may have already realized that this is not the solution. In fact, research shows that working longer hours more likely leads to burn out - instead of increased productivity. 
On the other hand, we have seen that the level of Happiness, Wellbeing, Performance - the overall Quality of our Life and Work depends very much on our Energy Capacity and on the Quality of our Thoughts and Emotions.
What then should we do? As a Coach I have always been Solution Focused and passionate to help my clients to become the berst version of themselves. This passion drove me to explore, practoce and teach Mindfulness and other techniques that would help me and my clients
Be better and Feel better. In time this quest also lead me to the Art of Living foundation. 

From reducing stress to increasing happiness, focus and positive actions, the Art of Living techniques have already had a measurable, positive impact on thousands of people around the world. The founder’s mission of creating a violence and stress-free world resonated with my own vision and I decided to become one of the volunteer teachers for the organization. So, in addition to offering Leadership coaching and Mindfulness programs I started to facilitate the AOL Happiness programs. The result has been amazing.

The combination of breathing techniques, meditation and life enhancing principles have helped many busy Managers to find a better balance, increase emotional resilience to stress, become more focused and learn to better manage their most important asset – their own mind.  
So why not join for the next program and start the New Year with a New Approach?
Get in touch to register if you want 2019 to be your year to increase Happiness and
reduce Stress. 

"The Art of Living’s Approach to Inner Peace Is Like Fresh Air to Millions"
-- The Washington Post

When:  All 3 DAYS need to be attended
Fri  Jan 18th - 18.30 - 21.30 
Sat Jan 19th - 11.00 - 16.00
Sun Jan 20th- 11.00 - 16.00 

Art of Living Center, Ermou 73 5 minutes from Monasteraki Metro 

Special January offer of Euro 85,00 (normally Euro 120,00) 
Euro 35,00 for repeaters 

To register and for more details contact: 

You will have a home program to continue the practices and are welcome to come to our Follow up meetings. 

Facilitator: Christiane Pohl, Leadership Coach, Mindfulness and Art of Living Teacher with over 20 years experiences in Management, Coaching and Energy Work. 

The program will be in English or Greek depending on participants needs

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