Living with joy, purpose and confidence
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Living with joy, purpose and confidence 
Increased competition, inter-personal relationship problems or miscommunications can cause a lot of stress in our minds. Odd working hours can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle that takes a toll on our body.

Yet, we all have the power to create a joyous life, to grow, and to build the confidence to move beyond our limiting beliefs and unhealthy habits. But often we simply do not know how.

For many years I was a high performance manager, juggling professional and personal demands, feeling that the daily pressures were taking a toll on my health and decision making. 

I started to look for solutions and discovered Coaching and the Art of Living programs. Participating in the Happiness program was my first step towards developing new habits and mindsets, which in time, increased my well being, happiness and resilience. 

I realised then, that all we need are the right set of tools AND the determination to take a few hours out of our busy lives, to step back and learn how to better deal with our body, mind and emotions. This was my catalyst to becoming an Art of Living teacher. Since 2010 I have been facilitating the Art of Living Happiness Program and have seen so many positive changes in people from all walks of lives. 

So, if you too feel that you could benefit from a set of tools that will help you with reducing stress and anxiety and to live with more joy, purpose and confidence
 then register to participate in this Happiness program today.

The heart of the Program is the unique Sudarshan Kriya (SKY) breathing technique combined with a series of life guiding Principles, which have a measurable impact on the quality of life and work. Your main take away will be:
  • 5 Life Guiding Principles to help you deal with challenging sitautions and people 
  • Practical Ways to increase self-Awareness, Resilience and Confidence
  • Stress releasing Breathing techniques to enjoy more vitality and well-being
  • Guided Meditation and gentle Yoga to enhace clarity and decision making 
..and you will have a home program to help you deepen your practice and cultivate new habits
Plus: follow up meetings are available.

When:       Friday 2/11 Saturday & Sunday 3/11 & 4/11
Duration:   Fri 18.30 -21.30 and Sat & Sun 10.00 - 15.00 (all days need to be attended) 
Where:      Art of Living Center at Ermou 73, 5 min from Monasteraki Metro 
Cost:         €85 

Registration closes on Oct 26.

Participating in this program also prepares you to participate in the SILENCE RETREAT 
on Rhodes from Nov 14-18

Teacher: Christiane Pohl
Leadership Coach, Mindfulness trainer and volunteer teacher for the international Art of Living Foundation. For further details click on this link

To register and for more details, please contact Christiane:
by email:  
by phone: 6932181626

The Art of Living foundation - founded in 1981 the Art of Living is an educational and humanitarian movement engaged in stress-management and service initiatives. It operates globally in 152 countries as a multi-faceted organization with one of the larges volunteer bases around the world. All proceeds from the programs are donated to the humanitarian projects of the Art of Living Organization
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