Happiness is just a Breath away!
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Increased competition, uncertainty, inter-personal relationships or miscommunications can cause us anxiety, frustration or anger.  People say to me

"We feel dis-connected, we fail to understand why other people act the way they do." or
"I feel overwhelmed, there never seems enough time"  or 
"I seem to repeat the same mistakes and patterns - what can I do about it?" 

I used to be one of those people. Then I started to ask myself - How could I experience more joy in life and work? How could I become more effective at the same time?

The FIRST STEP I took was a STEP BACK – I Took TIME OUT! …

I read up on research about the connection of mind and emotions. I learned about old and new ways of managing stress and increasing positivity and happiness. I soon realised that it takes "SKILL and KNOW HOW" to be happy and effective at the same time. I needed to learn more about how my mind functioned, what through me off balance and how to counteract it. 

I soon realised that while it is impossible to have complete control over what happens to us, we can learn to control our emotional reaction to external events and we can adjust our thoughts.  At the same time we need to become more aware of what pushes our buttons or triggers reactions we later regret. Now I had the Knowledge!

But only when I participated in 2003 in my first Happiness Program did I also gain the set of  Tools I needed. It took time to fine-tune my new skills and participating in the program was only the beginning - the techniques and 'Know How' I gained needed to be applied and practiced daily. Soon however I started to see a positive transformation in the way I felt, thought, behaved - stress reduced, energy increased. I saw the positive results in my work with my clients and also in my personal life. In 2010 I decided to become an Art of Living teacher - I wanted to share what I learned with others. Two years later I also trained in Mindfulness Based Stress reduction. 

Happiness is a state of mind and we can we teach our mind to reach that state. 

The general consensus of current research is that happiness is greatest when we combine frequent numbers of good experiences with a few very intense ones. Yet, to feel happy, our focus needs to be on the frequency, not the intensity, of positive events in our lives. Taking pleasure in the little, everyday things and minimizing the negatives will accomplish more than waiting around for a burst of intense pleasure.

Why not join me? Feel free to write or comment and ask any questions you may have. 

The Happiness program is designed to help us live more fully. What will you learn?
  • Breath - you will learn how changing the way you breathe changes the way you feel. The Sudarshan Kryia, a gentle, rhythmic Breathing technique balances the nervous system. It helps release Stress, increase Well Being, aids Focus and Centredness
  • Through Play and Interaction you will gain a set of Life guiding Principles about how to deal successfuly with challenging people and situations and how to deal with your own demons
  • And you will experience how Relaxing and Reflecting helps with maintaining Inner Peace and Focus and with better Decisions making 
Happiness usually exists in the present MOMENT, but we have to remain there long enough to experience it. To find out more Get in touch and REGISTER.

Take Time Out from your busy schedule and spend a few hours taking care of your body and mind. So many people around the world have already benefitted from the program. Here are a some of the outcomes participants have shared with us: 
  • The Happiness program was just what I needed. It helped me to identify news ways to deal with challenging situation and people. Some of the interactive sessions were so eye opening and helped me let go of old pain. I feel a lot happier with myself  -
    Dimitra P, Product Development Manager 
  • I never knew that changing my Breathing could make such a difference to the way I feel and respond. The home program helps me to de-stress daily. I feel empowered and energized 
    Gorgos L, IT Specialist 
  • I realized that expanding my sense of belonginess helped me with dropping my judgments about people. I am now more open to accept others views and opinions. I feel stronger and more authentic. 
    Penelope R, Human Resources Manager 
….and you will take away a home program to help you deepen your practice and cultivate new habits and have access to monthly follow up meetings 

When:            Friday 30/11 from 18.30 -21.30
                       Saturday 1/12 & Sunday 1/12 from 11.00 – 16.00 
Condition:       All days need to be attended
Where:           Art of Living Center at Ermou 73, 
                       (5 min from Monastiraki Metro station) 
Contribution:   €85 
Repeaters:      €35

Registration closes on Nov 25th. Send an email to christiane@morelifemoresuccess.com and receive your application and details of how to get the most out of the program 

Participating in this program also prepares you to participate in the Art of Living SILENCE RETREATS which are held in Greece and around the world 

Facilitator: Christiane Pohl
Accredited Leadership Coach, Mindfulness trainer and volunteer teacher for the international Art of Living Foundation. For further details click on this link 

To register and for more details, please contact Christiane and we will send you the Application 
by email: christiane@morelifemoresuccess.com  
by phone: + 30 6932181626

The Art of Living foundation - founded in 1981 the Art of Living is an educational and humanitarian NGO engaged in stress-management, service initiatives, women empowerment, youth Leadership, prison smart programs and the Association of Human Values. It operates globally in 152 countries and proceeds from the programs are donated to the humanitarian projects of the Organization 
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