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Achieving a life that balances the pleasures and demands of work and life has never been easy. Finding balance is, paradoxically, often a matter of asking the right questions. It also depends to a great deal on your understanding of when 'enough' is truly enough. Often it pays to do less in order to achieve more.

The Art of creating balance in life is directly connected to how we deal with problems. Are you spending most of your time being occupied with the process of doing things? Or do you focus on developing a strategy of how to deal with issues in a different way? 

Let me give you an example: Lets say you have a problem with managing your time. You can obsess about it, complain about it, you can decide to delegate more, and prioritize better and struggle to reach the balance you seek. 

At the same time however,  you can also address the other source of your stress – the issue is not that you don’t have enough time, but how you feel about not having enough time. The feeling of not having enough time creates the stress. This in term can impair your decisions making, your productivity, your happiness, your creativity - in short you struggle a lot and achieve less then you would like to. Try changing the question: instead of how can I manage my time better, ask yourself, how can I feel diffrently about managing my time? What would it take for me to feel less stressed about the way I work?  By changing the question you create space for a whole lot of different answers. 

10% of life is what we do and 90% is how we feel about it.  

Connecting to the way we FEEL about something is an effective way to find different solutions and often to struggling less and achieving more. 

Ask yourself first of all, what is the real issue? Secondly, how do I feel about this? Third, how can I shift my perception? Then ask yourself, what will I do differently? This will save you time and effort whatever the issue. 

With my best wishes for your success!

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