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Our services

Leadership Coaching

Coaching sessions will provide you with a dynamic platform to explore, create and develop new ways to deal with challenges.

Mindfulness for Teams

To enhance wellbeing and performance focusing on areas including stress management, resilience, emotional regulation and compassion

Management Programs

To help teams build healthy habits and equip themselves with the mind set and energy needed for sustainable success.

What is Your Challenge?

We live in times of great opportunities and extraordinary challenges. There is an increasing demand for Leaders to achieve more with less in a shorter amount of time. This why Coaching has become one of the most important tools:

Leadership Coaching is about working with executives, managers, supervisors, team leaders or Business owners to bring about sustained behavioral change and transform the quality of the leader’s working and sometimes personal life. This may include developing a more effective leadership style or manner, improve interpersonal or communication skills or implement effective staff development.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act, but a habit”   Aristotle

Our Approach

More Life More Success Coaching Coaching adopts a holistic approach to Leadership Coaching combining coaching methodologies Solution Focus and Mindfulness Coaching.

Our Coaching is a collaborative partnership - sessions will be tailored to your immediate needs and are designed to facilitate learning where you want it most:

  • Coaching for Change: Supplementing, fine-tuning and refocusing leadership behaviors, styles or skills
  • Coaching for Performance: Accelerating the learning curve for a high-potential or a recently promoted/hired manager
  • Coaching for Relationship: Finding balance and harmony in complex relationships within multinational teams
  • Coaching for Growth: Developing deeper qualities such as vision, values, authenticity, agility and alignment with a greater purpose

Our Clients

The majority of our clients are senior managers in international companies, NGOs or independent businesses.

For change to occur we often need to look beyond the obvious. Here are just some of the areas where I have assisted my clients to succeed and which also may be relevant to you:

  • Optimize Leadership Competence, Performance, Empowerment
  • Support Leaders in times of Change and Uncertainty
  • Enhance Business practices, Results, people Engagement, work Environments
  • Facilitate Building a Company Culture of Openness, Trust and Excellence

How to get started?

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Where Wellbeing and Productivity meet

What does it take to create a positive, proactive work environment? How can you gain a better understanding of which attitudes, mindsets and behaviors are most likely to help you succeed as an individual or as part of a team

This 6-week program is based on the (MBSR) Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program developed by Dr Jon Kabat Zinn at the University of Massachusetts and is ideal for Senior Managers, Human Resources Managers or your entire workforce.

Mindfulness is a ‘consciousness discipline’, a training of our mind to build Mental and Emotional Fitness. It is rooted in contemporary science and ancient inquiry into how to create a greater understanding and connection to our self, other people and world around us.

Mindfulness enables participants:

Mindfulness has been been introduced into Organisations, schools, healthcare and sports. It has shown to have a positive effect on personal well-being, performance and on work environments

  • To make better decisions and take appropriate actions
  • To flourish amidst change and uncertainty
  • To develop trust in their own abilities and those of others
  • To cultivate mental resilience and reduce stress
  • To recognize opportunities for growth rather then focusing on unproductive patterns

Program Details:

The program can be customized but typically includes:

  • Introductory session followed by 6 sessions over 3 months
  • Assessment of your team’s needs and objectives related to emotional and social intelligence, well-being, stress reduction
  • Facilitating insights on how mindfulness practices and compassion help with enhancing well-being, concentration, focus and performance
  • A mix of theory and practice in each session
  • Handouts, Guided exercises, Reflection, Follow up

How to get started?

Feel free to get in touch via christiane@morelifemoresuccess.com and find out more about how More Life More Success coaching can be of benefit to you or your team.

Management Programs

Many Executives, Managers and Employees respond to rising demands by putting in longer hours, which eventually takes it's toll, not only on their capacity to be productive, but also frequently on their health.

Our More Life More Success Programs are designed to help your team balance the multiple aspects of life and work, achieve a sense of fulfillment and at the same time successfully meet the ever-changing challenges of our times.

Expanding your Energy, mastering your mind

How to achieve more and stress less by learning to manage your Energy, Mind and Emotions. A series of sessions delivered over several weeks for teams that want to build healthy habits and maintain well being, performance and enthusiasm in the "Give More, Work More" cycle.

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Building Empowered Teams

What makes a team a team? How to build an enabling structure and harmonize people's efforts to work towards a common goal? A series of customized sessions delivered over several days on defining company culture and values and why they are important for success.

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More Life More Success Management Retreat

How to enable your managers to recharge their batteries, bridge gaps and create a platform for success? Our customised retreats are for emerging businesses and veteran companies alike. How harmonious is your workplace culture? Does your team share a unified vision? Would you say your company has soul?

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Resilience, Innovation, and Wisdom at Work

How to use Mindfulness to navigate the pressures of the workplace and lead with presence and connection. A series of customised sessions delivered over several days or weeks that offer a refreshing opportunity to step back and explore new sustainable management practices.

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How to get started?

Feel free to contact us via christiane@morelifemoresuccess.com for additional programs specific to your needs and that will help you to build a stronger sense of connectedness, collaboration and trust between the people in your organizations.

Our Clients

Here is a selection of the companies I have worked with. Whilst my biggest group of clients are Senior Managers in International Companies such as these, I also work with entrepreneurs, independent business owners and NGO's.

More Life More Success Coaching

More Life More Success Ltd specializes in offering value through creative coaching, mentoring and training services to individuals and companies in Greece and abroad. We specifically focus on supporting senior managers and management teams who want to combine operational excellence with well being.

Our mission

To provide innovative coaching programs that inspire and support Managers and Business Owners to achieve excellence and fulfillment in their life and career.

Our vision

To enable Change, People Engagement and Development at all levels of organizations and contribute to enhancing personal empowerment and sustainable success.

Meet your Coach

Christiane Pohl, Leadership Coach and Mentor, founder of More Life More Success Coaching with over 25 years experience in senior management, therapy and coaching.


Collaboration is the key to success! More life More Success Coaching cooperates with other coaches and selected companies. If you are interested in a partnership then email us.

Christiane Pohl

Christiane Pohl, executive leadership coach, mentor, trainer, facilitator and founder of More Life More Success Coaching works with senior managers and their teams to define values and goals, foster people engagement, clarify purpose and implement solutions that enhance personal and business success.

As a coach and mindfulness trainer, Christiane has coached over 400 clients and has developed and delivered customized mindfulness programs in companies and organizations. She brings creativity and maturity to her coaching and training.

Prior to becoming a coach she was an Executive Manager in international Hospitality organizations responsible for Organizational, Departmental and Team management, working at strategic and operational level while at the same time managing the day- to -day challenges.

Having lived in Germany, the UK, Switzerland and Christiane now mainly based in Greece.

Christiane is a certified Coach and Mentor accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Association (EMCC), a board member of the Hellenic Coaching Association (HCA), a participant in the HCA Solidarity Coaching program and co-creator of the HCA Peer Coaching Program. She is trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), meditation and breath work and has been facilitating retreats and seminars. She has delivered her approach of how Breath work can enhance Coaching at the international EMCC Conference in 2015.
She has facilitated cultural educational programs for youth groups from the USA and Canada and is a strong promoter of experiential learning.

She sees Coaching and Mentoring as powerful approaches to help people in organizations create an environment that fosters people engagement, creative thinking, personal empowerment and well-being.

Christiane is married to an Artist and Writer. When she is not coaching clients or facilitating programs she spends her time outside the city enjoying walking, swimming, cycling, yoga, mediation, traveling and good food.

Co - operations

Partnerships add value to our work and further enhance our services. One of our most dynamic and valued partners is Sustainability Knowledge group. Together we facilitate residential CSR training and coaching events.


Aglaia Ntili

Aglaia Ntili is the Managing Director of Sustainability Knowledge Group, providing Sustainability advisory and training services at international corporate level, and the founder of CSR Coaching, supporting professionals in Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability.

With over 10 years’ experience in the fields of Sustainability Strategy, Reporting, Training, CSR Programs, Stakeholder Engagement she has made important contributions as practitioner, trainer, coach and advisor.


Member of HCA

Hellenic Coaching Association – EMCC GREECE

Member of EMCC

Europian Mentoring & Coaching Council

Member of Toastmasters International

Non-profit organization developing public speaking and leadership skills

Published Articles on EVAN CARMICHAEL

Become the Leader of your own Life

SELF – Development Resources

Re-Shape your Brain, Re-Shape your Life

Thoughts and Actions shape our perceptions of Life. The brain will believe whatever you tell it most. The truth is that you get to choose which thoughts you want to think! Why not choose positive thoughts.

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Taking Ownership of your Life and Career

If you wake up each morning dreading the next eight hours, I encourage you to reflect on your vision and workday. Look at the things you are doing, and who you are working with and for. What things make you tick and what do you dread?

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Leadership Resources

Increasing Focus and Impact

The Harvard Business School along with INSEAD - Europe's leading business school - have concluded from their research that the two most effective business tools for twenty-first century executives are meditation and intuition.

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Better Results by Asking Better Questions

Leadership involves the ability to empower others to learn, act in a creative way. One of the most powerful tool to tap into people’s potential is the art of asking open, thought provoking questions.

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More Life More Success Coaching Ltd is a UK based company specializing in offering value through creative coaching, mentoring and training services to Greek and International Companies.

We specifically focus on developing senior managers and teams who want to combine operational excellence with wellbeing.


Christiane is a certified Leadership Coach with a professional background of over 25 years in management, therapy and coaching. Christiane created More Life More Success coaching in 2008 and has been coaching Executives, Managers and Independent Business Owners ever since.